Minestar, developed by Caterpillar, is FMG's remote automation tool allowing Perth-based operators to control mining assets across WA.

Caterpillar / FMG

Caterpillar, the worldwide brand that is synonymous with big yellow machines, work with many of the large resource companies in Western Australia. They developed Minestar, an application that enables Perth-based operators to remotely control machines across the state. Efficiency is key, and improving their application to shave off time for any task is a huge multi-million dollar saving for any organisation using it.


shape-imgSaving seconds means money

The brief was essentially find out all the inefficiencies throughout the application from two perspectives – the builders and the controllers. For each inefficiency, provide proof that it is inefficient, and what can be done to make the process more efficient, with evidence.

shape-img87 pages of efficiency

The project was critical to FMG, and without knowing the operating environment, strategies had to be modified to ensure the collation of data as well as the observation of personnel was done thoroughly in order to identify what was required. The final recommendations document was 87 pages long, and a huge success to what was one of the most intense projects to date due to COVID-19.

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