Dukes Inn


Dukes Inn
Northam, Western Australia


Dukes Inn is a historic venue for food, drink and accommodation in Northam. Although they had a strong reputation in the form of online reviews, their dated website wasn’t doing them justice. Duke’s Inn needed a modern website to entice new patrons to visit their venue following reading their reviews on Trip Advisor, Booking.com, Facebook etc.


Extensive usability studies revealed potential patrons wanted the website to make them “feel hungry” with enticing images of food and drink. They also wanted to “feel” the atmosphere that Duke’s Inn would offer them. We sent design team and a professional photographer to pay Duke’s Inn an overnight visit to ensure that we could deliver them a new website that really exuded the atmosphere of the venue.


Duke’s Inn now have a fresh, modern and stylish website to further encourage website visitors to visit their venue after reading their reviews. We used all of the results from the usability phase in the design including those all-important images to get visitors excited. Owner Peter is thrilled with the new website which his team are able to update with new menu adjustments as needed.


“You guys have done an unbelievable job and I can’t thank you enough”