Design Brief

Before we can do anything, we need a bit of information about you and your business. We’ll ask you to fill out a Design Brief that will help us to identify where your business is now, where you would like to take it, and how your new website can help you get it there. We’ll ask for […]

Web Development Plan

Using the information you provided in the design brief, we put together a web development plan which outlines exactly what we intend to do during the usability, design, and development stages of your project. We also refine target audience information into personas, which assist in identifying user goals. This document also discusses some of the […]

Project Plan

After discussing the options provided in the Web Development Plan, we then put together a Project Plan to further refine the desired functionality of the site. This document outlines when the project will begin and how long each stage will take.


The usability phase of our process includes testing your competitors’ websites. This enables us to identify the goals of your target demographic, what they like most in a website, and what frustrates them. From this we are able to put forward a list of recommendations which are then given to our design team.


Our design team combines your Design Brief with the recommendations from the Usability phase and turn them into a cutting-edge design that will engage your visitors.


Awesome design in hand, our development team get to work turning that pretty picture into a fully functional website. This usually takes about 3-4 weeks.


After the website has been completed, we thoroughly test every aspect to ensure that there are no inconsistencies or bugs, and only when you say that you’re happy with the result, do we publish your new website on the World Wide Web.

Continuous Improvement

Once your shiny new site is up and running you can choose to go onto one of our maintenance packages. All of our packages include hosting, updates, regular backups of your site, and an allocated number of hours for things such as updating content and functionality..