Day 2 – Chunk Your Content

DAY 2 of 30 Days to a High Performing Website

Chunk Your Content – User Experience Essential

Chunking is the art of breaking up content into shorter, bite-size pieces that are more manageable. Long reams of text will switch visitors off; they just don’t have the time to hunt for the answer to their question.
Your prospective customers are looking for specific information and want it to POP out at them, making it easy for them to do business with you.


Know what your visitor’s main goals are and answer them prominently. Use icons, headings, sub-headings, infographics and bullet points to clearly address the goals of your target audience.
What opportunities are there on your website to break up content or deliver information in a more visual way?

Want to know more? Read our Chunking Article which has some practical pointers on how to get started.