DAY 5 – Utilise Prime Real Estate

DAY 5 of 30 Days to a High Performing Website

UTILISE PRIME REAL ESTATE – User Experience Essential

When a visitor first lands on your website, they make a decision:
a)stay and explore or b) bounce away and look elsewhere.
It’s a crucial moment.

Are they in the right place?

They make the decision based on whether they have arrived at the right place and they make it very quickly. You have a couple of seconds to draw them in and this needs to be done in this “prime real-estate” of your landing page, otherwise known as “above the fold”.

Effectively communicating what you offer, the problem you solve, your credibility, trustworthiness and professionalism above the fold is critical to the success of your website.
If your visitor is quickly satisfied, they will have the confidence to explore further and you keep them on your website – that’s the first step towards a high performing website.