Promise The World and Satisfy Expectation – Top 5 Ways You Can Assure Your Visitors

Everyone loves a good promise, but most importantly for your visitors, they love assurances.

Businesses do not tend to think about promises or assurances because they have been working with their processes and systems for years.

But how do your website visitors know about these, eh?

Why Promise?

When asked about their promises, a huge amount of clients that we deal with say one of the following:

  • “Not sure what you mean?”
  • “Why are these important?”
  • “Isn’t it obvious?”

Taking each one in turn. Firstly, you need to know what you are promising potential clients to set expectation.

Secondly, these are critical to ensure that you meet these expectations in order to obtain a good (or bad) review, and you set a benchmark as to how you can exceed that expectation. In addition, it provides some assurance that you actually know what you are doing.

Thirdly, yes, these may be obvious to you, but absolutely not to your website visitors!

Top 5 Ways To Derive Your Promises

  1. Do You Have Delivery Dates / Times? If you have timeframes that you constantly satisfy, you need to tell your audience. What assurances can you give around delivery? For example, “We arrive 5 minutes early or you get a 20% discount.”
  2. Do You Have SLAs (Service Level Agreements)? Look into your standard process, and anything that signals client interaction that is positive, convert into a promise. For example, “2 hour response time”. Document this, and then promote it!
  3. How do you deliver? Look at the delivery of your service and look at what promises you can give e.g. “Bi-weekly project updates.”
  4. Do You Have Guarantees? Do you offer any guarantees? If so, say so.
  5. Do You Have Real People? Give your audience assurance that a real person will manage their service or queries. For example, “Dedicated customer service manager”

None of the above should require a change in the way you deliver your service – it just requires thought as to how you implement this on your website to ensure it is seen, digested, and helps visitors decide whether to engage your business.

Need Help?

If you are looking for ways to help boost assurance and increase conversion on your website, get in touch!