Want to Improve your Website Today? Get Chunking

Business owners can find themselves scratching their heads in frustration with shortcomings on their website and feel helpless to improve it without a serious overhaul or rebuild. However, if you are after some quick wins, “chunking” is an effective and easy way to improve any website.

What is Chunking?

Chunking is the art of placing snippets of content together in “chunks” making it easier for the visitor to read, digest and find what they are looking for.

On average, only 30% of content is read on any webpage. Chunking draws the attention of the visitor to their goals.

A simple example is this article here. If I failed to chunk, it would just be one long body of content which you would have to tirelessly plod through trying to extract the gold you were looking for. Instead, I will make it easy for you by separating the information into segments and adding a sub-title to each section.

Why chunk?

Simply put, users get put off by trawling through content. They want the information they are looking for to jump out of your webpage. Give them a great user experience and they will want to take the next step and engage your services or buy your product

Is it just creating paragraphs?

No, but it’s a start. Short snappy paragraphs are important, however, ensure you add a heading to each paragraph so it’s crystal clear what content it contains. This is so simple and effective, you can do it today and your visitors will be thankful.

Different Ways to Chunk

Some simple strategies include introducing the following:

  1. Bullet points
  2. Headings
  3. Subheadings
  4. Imagery
  5. Columns
  6. “Read more” buttons or “accordion” functionality to reveal further, detailed information only when required.

Take your chunking to the next level and implement clever design elements that effectively communicate your business and offering such as

  1. Icons to visually represent your services, features or value propositions
  2. Infographics that explain your process or how to engage your services

Test Your Chunking

How easily can visitors skim through the content on your website? Ask someone else to provide you with some objective feedback; was it a struggle or is the content well defined? What opportunities are there to improve how your content is chunked? If you’re not sure, ask advice from a user experience specialist.

And remember, whenever you write a new article or content for your website, always ask yourself “have I chunked it?”.


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