My Subdivision are the leaders in the subdivision industry in Western Australia, providing both project management and owner managed subdivision services.

My Subdivision

After starting with a website in Wix, Kevin wanted to take his website to the next level with a custom design that he knew would drive traffic to his business. After approaching Burning Fruit initially before his Wix website, Kevin returned to Burning Fruit over a year later and took the plunge.

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shape-imgThe brief

Kevin was continually impressed by the uniqueness of the designs Burning Fruit were producing, not only from an engagement side but from an audience perspective. During initial discussion, Kevin also decided to rebrand his business with Burning Fruit, and has not looked back.

shape-imgThe result

The website has provided Kevin everything that he expected from it – more engagement, more leads and a site that he is proud of. His conversion rate compared to his old website is night and day, and he is already looking to expand upon it.

I am super happy to give you your 101st review on Google, it is well deserved.

To Stephen and the team, thank you for a wonderful job working on my website. I am super happy to give you your 101st review on Google, it is well deserved. The My Subdivision website had been designed and re-designed by 2 companies over a 4 year period. These companies promised me the world but in the end all they could deliver was worthless cheap template stock designs. When I met Stephen he was honest and blunt. He pointed out where my websites were failing and why. Burning Fruit were highly professional and super patient. Amazing communication from Stephen always. He is committed to ...

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Kevin Nee

My Subdivision

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