Simon Hawkins

This is a genuine 5-star rating. The team at Burning Fruit have a wealth of international knowledge and experience that they bring to the table. They are strong strategic thinkers who ensure the ground work is done thoroughly and they are dedicated to the project throughout. Burning Fruit’s grasp of marketing fundamentals is evident from the get-go and it is clear they are at the forefront of modern web development. They have good understanding of the functional aspects of contemporary business and how the website integrates into and operates as part of the enterprise. Working with Burning Fruit provides an opportunity for good business people to think cross-functionally within their organisation about how they go to market and how that culminates with their web-presence as the execution. The final outcome is personalised, on brand and highly effective at communicating the personality and points of difference of our business in a competitive market place. We highly recommended using Burning Fruit. Prepare well and expect an outstanding outcome.