DAY 7 – Consistency Wins

DAY 7 of 30 Days to a High Performing Website

CONSISTENCY WINS – User Experience Essential

As visitors navigate your website, they unconsciously expect action buttons to have the same colour and style, the subpages to follow the same layout and font types to remain the same. When you steer away from a style guide, your visitors will get confused; clicking on items that are unclickable and missing items because they don’t look clickable, you get the drift.

The perceived professionalism of an organisation can also be impeded by inconsistencies on a website as they often contribute to a disorganised look and feel.

Check for Friction

It is not uncommon for seemingly small inconsistencies to make it onto a website, however it makes the world of difference to the user if they can move through your website seamlessly without having to second guess and ultimately get frustrated. Give someone the task to take a journey through your website with a goal of finding out some information and observe their movements to see if anything surprises them or slows them down