DAY 8 – Prompt Action

DAY 8 of 30 Days to a High Performing Website

PROMPT ACTION – User Experience Essential

The fact of the matter is that humans like to be helped. Helped in making decisions that is. Carefully placing “calls to action” throughout your website helps users on their journey. For example, after reading about one of your services, give them an option to explore your others services, invite them to look at your testimonials or ask a question.

Websites that lack “Call to Actions” (CTAs) will often have a lower conversion rate because the user is not effectively taken on a journey through your website to help solve the problem they have. Always using the same CTA or asking the user to “buy” or “book now” too early into their user journey is not going to win their hearts either. Offer them more than one CTA at times so that they can pick which feels most intuitive to them at that point.

A nudge in the right direction keeps visitors engaged and advancing towards taking the next step.