Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) are a new NFP organisation based in Western Australia who are building to be the Worldwide source of truth for decommissioning derelict mine sites, oil rigs and anything inbetween.

CODA Australia

The Centre of Decommissioning of Australia (CODA) is a relatively new organisation embarking on an amazing cause – to be the source of truth to all things decommissioning. From information, studies, and projects to connecting relevant businesses with each other and with the big corporates who are being proactive in the movement. Their web presence was going to be a vital component to the future of decommissioning worldwide.

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shape-imgSpeaking to the world

The team on both sides was looking for an iconic website – one that would appeal to corporates, and also ensure the professionalism of the organisation and the seriousness of the subject matter was highly prominent. The organisation was going global, and the website needed to speak to the world.

shape-imgWe love sustainability

Amongst our other websites that bring in so many elements, this website stands out as an incredibly clean, professional, and engaging website that earns the trustworthiness of corporations and providers worldwide. We love sustainability, and this website is certainly one we can be proud of!  CODA are already adding functionality to it to expand its service offering.

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