The Western Australia Department of Education are the governing body for all educational institutions across the state of Western Australia.

Department of Education

The Department of Education fully recognised the cumbersome nature of their information architecture. Lacking in cohesion, logic and flow, the site map, like many large informational websites, just grew over time with many different captains of the ship. DOE needed an objective exercise of reorganising the huge database that they now possessed.


shape-imgThe brief

One role of the Department of Education (WA) is the recruitment and retention of teachers in government schools across the state. With teacher shortages consistently making headlines and the loss of talented WA teachers to interstate positions, it became crucial for the Department to redesign the architecture of their website to better align with their target audiences’ needs. This invovled target persona development, extensive user experience research, and collaboration with internal stakeholders to determine the information teachers want to know before they accept and commit to a position in a WA government school.

shape-imgThe result

This project involved all the cards in our user experience deck – persona development, user experience studies, behaviour analysis, competitor analysis, information architecture review, cardsorting, and the development of multiple user journeys. It culminated in a comprehensive recommendations report and thought-provoking presentation (or three!). Collaborating with the DOE team to design a website that is user friendly, informative, helpful, easy-to-navigate, and addresses the needs of the target audience was a career highlight for our UX team. We are proud to say that all our recommendations have received approval and we look forward to seeing what comes next from the Department of Education (WA).

Yesterday's Information Architecture presentation could not have gone any better.

Yesterday's Information Architecture presentation could not have gone any better. Actually, the whole project has been much smoother than I expected! Thank you so much; there is a heap in here for us to unpack and work through, which we will start on straightaway. Thanks for listening to our needs, my own small requests and taking the time to understand our business.

Brad Elborough

Department of Education

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