User Experience

User behaviour has changed over the past couple of years. Understanding how your target audience behaves towards your website, web application or product is critical to the success of your business - if you don’t make your visitors happy, they will not stay.

We have a number of services for any business wishing to understand your target audience and their behaviour in order to increase engagement and conversion.


Understanding your target audience's journey and mapping out your website to satisfy your visitors' goals will ultimately keep your visitors coming back and staying on your website.

We provide consultancy services to your business to help you understand your audience, their user experience journey and their satisfaction levels.

We would perform a full audit of your online collateral, and devise a strategy to maximise your visitor engagement.

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Custom User Studies

Whether it is a product, software application or website, your business needs to understand the behaviour of your target audience.

Our team use real people together with various study methods and cutting edge technology to understand exactly what works and what does not work for any specific demographic worldwide.

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Heuristic Analysis

Understanding what is working and not working on your website is critical to the success of your online presence. Eliminating visitor frustration reduces the chances of your visitors bouncing away to your competitors. A heuristic analysis is a high level assessment of your website based on your core goals, usability guidelines and your content.

We offer a high level heuristic analysis of your website so you can improve the usability of your website today!

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