Notions Design is one of the top branding agencies in Perth, with clients spanning Australia and internationally. Having created some of the most iconic brands in the SME and corporate space, they continue to innovate to keep businesses current and on-trend.

Notions Design

Notions Design is similar to many businesses – creating their own website was always on the back burner! Wayne decided to bite the bullet and engage Burning Fruit to finally kick this goal and build a website that reflects his 40 years of experience.

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shape-imgStanding out

Wayne wanted something iconic, something different, something that made him stand out from the crowd—that’s not too much to ask! Many branding company websites look the same. Wayne was looking for a mix of his strong brand and interactions that reinforced the quality of his work. The pressure was on. Especially as we collaborate on many projects and co-host a podcast!

shape-imgSlick and iconic

The final concept pushed his whole brand to the fore—the colours, the imagery, and the animations. Everything about the website is slick and easy to navigate and showcases the celebrated brands Wayne has created over many years. We were extremely proud of this concept, and Wayne was very happy.

This forward thinking, innovative business is miles ahead of it's competition.

Having worked with Burning Fruit on many occasions over the last 3+ years I can honestly say I have never worked with a web development company who actually works within the "user experience" mindset 100% of the time. This is critical in understanding your customers needs when entering your website, and has proven to reap the benefits of extra traffic and sales. This forward thinking, innovative business is miles ahead of its competition. If you are serious about your web presence then don't go anywhere else, speak to Steve at Burning Fruit - truly ahead of the game!

Wayne Curtis

Notions Design

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