Venue Maestro


Venue Maestro
Perth, Western Australia


Venue Maestro is a local start-up on a mission. They found that finding a venue to hire for meetings, corporate or private events is a struggle. Their goal was to create an online hub that made it easy to find the perfect venue depending on the user’s location and venue requirements. We were set to the task of developing a sophisticated but seamless search engine for venues as well as a clean design that will appeal to both businesses and individuals.


In identifying the goals and emotions of users looking for a venue, the search functionality was critical to the user journey. Finding a suitable venue based on its location, capacity and amenities were fundamental to its success. Our development team were set to the task of creating search functionality which rivalled Air BNB’s. The Burning Fruit design team created a brand and design that speaks to the end user as well as the venue managers that promote their venues through the platform.


The website has immediately won the confidence of many venue owners to join Venue Maestro. The venue search is world-class and further usability studies are being executed to establish further recommended iterations and developments for improvements. A full SEO and social media strategy has been developed to build the hub to on-board Perth venues and spread the word to the end users. The website has provided a solid foundation to build on and add further functionality and features as the venture grows and expands to Australia-wide.